August 14, 2010

Who's the boss

I AM :)

And who rocked the weekend's long run....I DID :)

Bragging aside, I had a few moments of looking down at Garmalade and thinking---woh, is my GPS device broken, because I don't feel like I'm running 8:30 pace. But, guess what?? I was. For a variety of reasons, I needed this boost in confidence and am stoked that I nailed my progression paces in the 12 mile long run.....I did 7 miles starting at 8:48 and ending at 8:15. And, my body was happier running in the 8:30s than at 8:50 pace. With a goal-race in just over two weeks, this means that my legs have gained plenty of strength and speed.

I credit this run to a couple things....First, I ate a lighter breakfast and didn't overhydrate (which upsets my tummy). Second, I didn't run with my ipod/music, and this helped me just concentrate on my form, cadence, breathing, and get into the "flow." Third, I think the past few weeks of speedwork have popped some sense into my legs.

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