August 29, 2010

Santa Rosa

Today was a PR-day! I ran the Santa Rosa half marathon in 1:50....
That's a 40 second PR :)

Huge thanks to my hubby who woke up at 4am and entertained me on the drive up to Santa Rosa, carried my gear around, and then cheered me on at the finish. He reports that I had a particularly pained expression while approaching the finish line. Oh, and after the race we chowed down at IHOP. Yum!


  1. Wow, you are awesome! I finished this one in 2:15 or 2:16 or so. CONGRATS! I loved the shirt and medal. :) Not sure if I remember you (took a look at your photos to see if I recognised you from the crowd of folks there!), but maybe you remember me? Probably not, since I came in way after you! :)


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