May 15, 2010

Something new

For the past couple runs, I've been wearing my heartrate monitor.

On Friday, it was an epic fail because, according to the monitor, I took a nap a few minutes into the tempo run....In other words, the monitor's band failed to get accurate readings from my heart. Oops. Today, I do think that I got clear data from my 7 mile run, and I learned that big hills definitely pushes up my heartrate!! So, I'd like to keep tracking my heartrate to figure out more about my pacing.

1 comment:

  1. I have the garmin with the heart rate monitor but have never run in it. It was only $10 more expensive than the one without the heart rate when I bought it so I figured why not. I have read a lot about training more for heart rate than pace which makes sense. Curious how you use this.