June 4, 2010

Wish list

Something about summertime and perhaps my upcoming birthday (32!!) is causing me to have a serious hankering for some new running gear:

1) Snazzy running skirt
2) Bosu for functional training (ie- core & arms)
3) Yummy socks
4) Black running hat
5) Oh, and I need new shoes (I think I'll reconvert to Brooks), too :)

I tend to purchase my running gear from a variety of places....Online, I've found great deals at runningwarehouse.com. So, my hubby is well-accustomed to packages arriving in the mail with squeaky running shoes!! But I like shopping locally at Transports in Oakland and Berkeley or Sports Basement (with megastores in SF).

1 comment:

  1. I just ordered a Summer Breeze skirt today! Tried the marathon girl but feel a little exposed, tried the gym girl but feel like there is too much skirt flapping around (may still be willing to give this one a shot, though, cause I like the shorts). So summer breeze it is!

    I heart Runningwarehouse.com, too!