February 16, 2010

Food, schmood

During today's run, I started thinking about my dinner o' champions: a calzone with italian sausage and veggies. Yes, it was tasty last night, but in the morning I was feeling a bit guilty and/or worried about my nutrition as runner :(

On the one hand, here are some foods that I know are healthful AND that I love:
  • oatmeal (SO comforting)
  • bananas
  • peanut butter (my fuel of choice)
  • turkey (deli meat for sandwiches)
  • tuna (lots of protein)
On the other hand, here are some foods that I also love:
  • burgers (protein, eh?!)
  • fries ('nuff said)
  • pizza/calzone (e.g., last night)
  • ice cream
  • beer/red wine (aiming for moderation while training)
I'm aware that I shouldn't label foods as good or bad, and I also know that there are times when fries and a big ole beer are needed ASAP. I'm not giving up my also-loves, and I should be happy that I dig many types of healthy fruits and veggies and protein-packed foods. But it's still a challenge, so I'm going to be open about it.


  1. Umm, excuse me but french fries provided much needed carbs.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Don't know about the running part, but dark chocolate has many, many health benefits and it's so good for the spirit.