February 19, 2010

Did it

Sometimes you ace a workout or rock a long run, and other times, well, you just do it. That doesn't make it bad....In fact, I'm trying to tell myself that it's a good thing :) That's because some struggle means that your training is actually moving you beyond your limits and out of your comfort zone, so you can improve.

I didn't sleep very well last night and woke up feeling uber-groggy. But I drank some water, laced up, strapped on Garmalade, and headed out for a 30+ minute warm up. Then I did 20 minutes in my tempo zone (sub 8:18) around Lake Merritt. I felt fine but when I tried kicking it up a notch for the last 5 minutes, my legs said--no thanks. It made me aware of my tough training, and I've checked off the key workout and will now gather strength for tomorrow's long run of 18 miles!!

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