April 15, 2010

Three things about tapering

1) I'm always crazy, but taper-time makes me extra crazy (thanks, Runnersrambles, for also confessing to taper-mania)! I can't stop feeling these nutty niggles--from creaky toes to strange aches in my hip....But it's really nothing that rest, foam rolling, some icing & advil can't fix!

2) I need to schedule a pedicure because I've got to get my feetsies presentable. I want to paint my toes green in honor of the GIANT trees :) I already can't wait to put on flip flops after the marathon!!

3) Strangely, I'm craving pasta. I guess my body wants to get this show on the road with some carbo-loading!


  1. It was nice meeting you this past weekend :) Hopefully, we will have another meet-up in the near future! Hope taper is treating you well and you don't go too nuts! hehe

  2. Like Tara said it was nice meeting you this past weekend! One more week til the big race. Enjoy your pedicure.


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