April 14, 2010


This marathon training cycle has focused on building higher weekly mileage. And I really paid little attention to speedwork. Of course, I did tempo or steady state runs almost every week. And I did do a few hill workouts. But, tracky time has been minimal.

I really wanted to crank out a few 800s because they seem to work your legs and lungs in a different way (e.g.- legs get numb & lots of panting/wheezing while breathing). Unfortunately, I did not manage to get up to the high school track this morning, but I DID get out to Lake Merritt. I've gotta say that I'm pleased with my effort and paces for the 5 X 800! I felt strong through the first four 800s, and the last one was a battle but ended up in my pace zone--whew :) Maybe intervals are my friend.....

Intervals (GPS Interval)
TypeDistanceTimeTotal TimePaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
Interval1 Mi11:08.1911:08.1911:09
Interval0.04 Mi0:3011:38.1912:30
Interval0.51 Mi3:42.915:21.097:18
Interval0.21 Mi2:15.0717:36.1610:44
Interval0.51 Mi3:42.821:18.967:17
Interval0.21 Mi2:30.5123:49.4711:57
Interval0.5 Mi3:37.5427:27.017:16
Interval0.21 Mi2:25.129:52.1111:31
Interval0.51 Mi3:4033:32.117:12
Interval0.24 Mi3:04.836:36.9112:50
Interval0.51 Mi3:45.9240:22.837:23
Interval1 Mi11:51.4352:14.2611:52
Interval0.11 Mi1:37.0353:51.2914:43

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