April 23, 2010

Taper away

Somehow, the marathon taper is long enough so you start questioning if you've stopped being a runner! When tapering, I find myself looking at the clock and calendar, reviewing my running log, doing body checks to conjure up strange pains, and checking the weather A LOT (more on that later). Oh, and sometimes there's some dangerous online shopping, too ;)

Yesterday's taper-pampering involved a sport massage plus tasty treats! My brilliant massage therapist did some excellent, deep kneading of my legs and glutes; let's just say that my quads, the backs of my thighs, and my calves all had some serious issues. Now I'm sitting on an ice pack---good times, good times.

Afterwards, I picked up burritos & feasted with my hubby because marathoners need the potent fuel of guacamole, beans, and carne asada. Oh, and then I baked brownies (Totally not sure if Kara Goucher or Deena Kastor have ever even smelled a brownie. And, by the looks of their arms and legs, my answer is NO!). Of course, I not only smelled the brownies, but ate 'em....delish :P

I think part of the tapering process is getting to know who you are and figuring out your limits. And, I'm most definitely not a professional marathoner. But I have put in the time and sweat, as well as the energy to train hard and try my very, very best. I'm hoping for a delish marathon and will work during the race to make myself proud.

ps- Current weather forecast is cool with some showers on May 2nd.....


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I so get the taper crazies! I'm still three weeks away from my taper-time, but a co-worker is running a marathon this weekend and she's been suffering from all the usuals: being hungry always, phantom pains, inner dialogues oscillating between doubts and confidence, and yes, checking the weather obsessively. Enjoy the break while you can...I'm sure you'll be in the midst of another tough training cycle soon enough.

  2. Hope the weather stays nice for your race! Taper is almost as bad as the post race week of rest, but you'll get through it! 4 20 milers? You are ready!

  3. Just remember your body needs the taper! You are going to rock your marathon this weekend.

    Enjoy the brownies!