January 18, 2010

Have a nice jog

During today's medium long run (8 miles between rain storms), a dude told me to have a nice jog. But, but, I'm a runner and that's different--very different--than being a jogger. Aargh.

Perhaps I don't seem speedy or strong when I'm running down the street....

When I enter stores that sell running gear, the employees are kinda surprised when I say that I'm training for a marathon or that I need shoes that'll hold up to 40+ miles per week of training.

Perhaps I don't have the body type of serious runners....

Those self doubts are totally uncool in my book. Of course I get intimidated by the lithe runners at the start of races or folks sporting their Boston marathon race jackets and shirts. But the reality is that I *AM* a runner, and, if I do say so myself, a hardcore one!

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