January 5, 2010


There are many kinds of vacations, and most of them permit some form of working out....But when my hubby and I got hit by a stomach virus, there was no choice but to log some unscheduled rest days from running. In other words, I've spent the past several days on flucation (Ha! I didn't even make that word up!) involving the hospital (for Hubby--who needed numerous bags of IV fluids, antibiotics, and blood tests galore to combat the grody virus), the bathroom floor (for me), and lots of TV watching (while both of us recuperate).

Thanks goodness Jenica is running for all of us, and I'm very proud of the way she's prepping for our spring marathon: Avenue of the Giants. I hope to join her in training quite soon, and I think I'll be able to do an easy run tomorrow afternoon. And, yes, that run would count as workout #1 for the Avenue training cycle! I think this training cycle will be a blast because we have long runs planned for January through April plus medium long runs of up to 14 miles---watch out, Redwoods :>

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