November 23, 2010

Yo, Yoga

To get back on the strong & happy runner bandwagon, I've been doing some yoga.  I think that cross training on rest days will help my body and keep me excited about training.

This afternoon, I did a nice yoga routine that involved some great stretches for my hips.  As a result, my body feels tired in a good--and different--way.....I'm really tempted to try a bikram yoga class because I think the heat could help me get into poses ;)


  1. Yoga is challenging for me and for my aches and pains. I always seem to hyper extend something. Do you know what they can the type of yoga where you hold the poses for up to 6 minutes?
    Good luck with your yoga!

  2. Yoga definitely makes my body happy! I just am very bad at sticking with it :-/