November 11, 2010

Take Two

When my coach, Mary, ordered that I take a week off of running, I thought I would lose it.  But, somehow, the week did me a lot of good.  It gave me a few more minutes for taking care of overall life stuff, and I didn't go completely berzerk! I did a ton of walking and a yoga workout (which fried my abs!). Now I'm back to running, and, ahhh, I've had a nice couple of runs. Today's zone 2 run went really well.

I've set two goals for this training cycle: 1) get stronger AND 2) tackle the zone 2 run.  To get stronger, I'm raising my commitment to doing arm weights and crunches and even crosstraining :O  I'm also going to work on learning what zone 2 (moderate effort) feels like and train my body to deal with working a tad harder on my everyday runs.  I think it'll make a difference!!


  1. It's crazy how much "life" stuff we neglect cause of running. My house would be a lot cleaner if I didn't run haha. Great goals for the new cycle!


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