December 12, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

Best wishes for warm and joyous Hanukkah celebrations! Prior to this evening's fried potato pancakes and merriment, I went for a 13 mile run through the soaked city of SF with J (We ran through medium rain, mist, cloudiness, some sun, some piercing rain, light rain, and more medium rain. And, yes, our feet got soaked!).

Driving back home, I thought of some awesome running-related gifts....
1) a shiny marathon PR :)
2) analysis of my running form
3) personal training for upper body/core strength
4) new running clothes, socks, and shoes
5) fresh pasta & new flavors of gels and Nuun hydration tablets
6) massage
7) spa/sauna
8) pedicure


  1. Looks like a great list to me. The massage sounds really nice and a personal trainer too!

  2. awesome list!! i think runners are easy to shop for :)