January 6, 2011

2010 and now 2011

This is what 2010 looked like:
Yup, I was running higher mileage in February and March before the Avenue of the Giants marathon.  I trained hard with my coach in July and August---even PRing at the Santa Rosa 1/2 marathon!!  The last couple months of 2010 were tough for training because I was collecting dissertation data, a crucial step toward completing my PhD (woohoo!).

Now it's time to consider what 2011 will look like.....Well, I'm actually resolving to be open to all possibilities, to go with the flow, and to bequeath control in a nice & calm way :)  Is that zen-enough for you?!???  I'm enjoying training for shorter distances and know that I'm still a runner, even if I'm not training for a marathon. I'd like to try more trail races. And I definitely want to keep on connecting with other runners. So, happy 2011---let's make it a wonderful one!

1 comment:

  1. I like your plan for 2011! That's how I am feeling...whatever happens happens :) Happy New Year!


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