September 19, 2010


Running, like almost anything in life, can get pretty complicated. Training can get confusing by involving juggling different routes and paces and drills and techniques. And recently, I've just wanted and, ultimately, needed my training and running to feel simpler. Thank goodness my coach assigned a simple long run for this weekend.

So, this morning, I tackled the nice and simple long run. It wasn't totally easy or lazy, but it was simple....I headed out the door, up the hill, back down the hill, around another neighborhood (Trestle Glen), out to Lake Merritt, and then I trotted right back home. All in all, a 10 mile tour of our 'hood. I saw plenty of folks out with their dogs and grabbing coffee and several other runners and bikers. Best of all, I ended up running the last 2.5 miles at 8:30 pace! The workout felt like an honest effort because I didn't strain myself or freak out over paces. Instead, I just worked, and then returned home for a chocolate milk protein shake and plenty 'o' football :)

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