February 11, 2011

Kaiser 5K

Last weekend, I raced the Kaiser 5k in Golden Gate Park.  Gracias to my friend, Jenica, for helping me out with parking/driving/coaching.....Of course, she also convinced me to race in buns, which contributed to narnar race photos :)

It was unseasonably warm for February in San Francisco (60s & sunny), and I was happy that I wasn't doing the half marathon.  At the start, I lined up very close to the front and went out pretty hard. For the first mile (7:05 pace), I settled into a good groove and let myself work hard on a couple short hills. There were mainly men running around me, and, of course, I enjoyed passing them! I tried concentrating hard on each individual mile.  In the second mile (6:55 pace), I focused on staying close to people around me and kept driving my legs.  I relished the downhills, too.  A couple times, I looked at Garmalade and really didn't believe my pace :> Frankly, I don't remember the 3rd mile (6:43 pace), but I believe that I kept telling myself that the race was almost over!

I know that once I hit 3.0, I left it all out there (6:29 pace) and knew that I couldn't accelerate even one more tiny bit.

Best news, I have a new 5k PR of 22:26 on a loooong course (Drat! It was almost 3.3 miles long!). I was the 9th woman in a pretty big race.  So, according to my Garmin, I ran at 6:53 pace.  I was SOOO excited after the race to average sub-7 for a 5k :)


  1. wow. AWESOME job, and I'm trying not to be too jealous of you running in golden gate park OR 60 degree weather in february. lucky girl!!!

  2. congrats! too bad about the long course but a great average pace overall.

  3. Congratulations!! That is an AMAZING pace!!

  4. Wow! Congrats on the awesome PR! Your pace is inspiring!