July 15, 2010

Track workout

Initially, I'd been scheduled to do a track workout on Wednesday, but my legs and body had lacked pep this week. So, I took a rest day on Wednesday and planned to go up to the track this morning, which would be the first one with my coach.

I woke up bright and early, dressed, and headed out for a 2 mile warm up with a few pick ups. My legs still felt a little tight, but I knew I should try my best on this track workout. The 400s were speedy & fun (1:41 & 1:44). The 800s hurt more, and I really had to convince myself that I had an extra gear and could ace the final 800 (3:36 & 3:41).....By the way, I definitely was in zone 4 to hit these interval paces! The 2 mile cooldown dragged a bit, and I took it quite easy.

All in all, this track workout went well, and I hope I'm getting stronger and faster, bit by bit.

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